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ELEVATED -  Lady's Bestie Kit
ELEVATED -  Lady's Bestie Kit
ELEVATED -  Lady's Bestie Kit
ELEVATED -  Lady's Bestie Kit
ELEVATED -  Lady's Bestie Kit

ELEVATED - Lady's Bestie Kit

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Our Lady's Bestie Kit is for that Lady that you know well! Our Lady's Kit is perfect for all Ladies. Great for moon cycle time, after birth care, daily, or anytime {down there} is needing some extra love and attention. Keep your sacredness clean with our gentle Woo Woo Wash; keep it fresh with our Muffin Mist & use our Punani Paste any time you're experiencing dryness, sores, irritation, or even use as a natural, safe lubricant!

Our Lady's Bestie Kit Includes:

  • 1 Woo Woo Wash : Designed for the Ladies, our gentle Woo-Woo Wash is perfect for washing the most sensitive & sacred part of your body; your Woo-Woo. Keep {down there} sweet n' fresh and keep owies at bay! Not only will this herbal bestie of yours keep you fresh, she will keep you moisturized and balanced, keeping dryness, irritation and owies away. 
  • 1 Puanani Paste : Designed for the Ladies, Punani Paste is every Girl's Bestie when anything funky is going on DOWN THERE! Especially good for after birth care, sores, dryness, Moon Cycle Time, or anytime your sacred puanani needs comfort.
  • 1 Muffin Mist Spray : Designed for the Ladies, Muffin Mist is a Natural Mist Spray for keeping {down there} sweet n' fresh and keeping owies at bay! 

Want it ready to Gift?  Choose between a burlap bag or Eco / Zero Waste box w/ wrinkle!

***We offer NATURAL GIFFT BAG on all of our Gift Sets.


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