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Summer Essentials Kit

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Summer brings lots of outdoor fun & travel. Make sure you and your Fam are protected from the Summer bugs & temperatures!

Whether basking in the sun, playing in the water, camping, traveling to super buggy climates, or playing hard & getting all banged up, with our Natural Summer Essentials Kit you can relax & enjoy the sun and outdoors!

Summer Essentials Kit Includes:

  • SHUE BUG! - 2.7oz ($6.95 value)
  • SUN! - 2oz. ($11.99 value)
  • BALM! Baby THE Little One First Aid - 1/2oz.
  • Sanitize those Hands! - 2.7oz ($5.99 value)

    Most common uses with these products during Summer:

  • Sanitize those Hands: Best hand sanitizer with moisturizer!
  • Shue Bug: Whether it is buggy outside where you live, or you are traveling to a buggy climate, our Shue bug is a MUST have for outdoor play!
  • Sun! Natural Sunscreen: Be sure to seek shade, and not expose your skin to too much sun.  That said, Vitamin D is ESSENTIAL to our health and well being, and let's face it, sun play is some of the funnest!  Whether playing in the ocean, taking a hike, skiing, or sun-bathing, it is important to protect from the sun, and naturally!  Our sunscreen is formulated for SPF30 protection, is water resistant, non-greasy, and moisturizing.
  • Diaper Balm / 1st Aid: Travel and Summer play bring a lot of boo-boos, including bug bites, sunburns (maybe you forgot to apply our sunscreen?), scrapes, bruises, and more.  Our 1st aid balm is magic, and repairs all these skin "boo-boos" and FAST!

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