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ELEVATED - PITS! CHARCOAL STICK Natural Deodorant - 2oz
ELEVATED - PITS! CHARCOAL STICK Natural Deodorant - 2oz
ELEVATED - PITS! CHARCOAL STICK Natural Deodorant - 2oz

ELEVATED - PITS! CHARCOAL STICK Natural Deodorant - 2oz

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This item is being discontinued (JUST our charcoal version).  Many asked for charcoal pits, so we offered it. However, our original formula is just as effective, and does not risk staining clothes.  So, all stock is now at a super discount, while supplies last!


DETOXIFY your Environments, inside and out with ELEVATED Natural Ingredients and Leach FREE containers!
ELEVATED PITS! Charcoal STICK Natural Deodorant

All Day Protection.Free of no-no's.Effective

  • 2 oz / 60 ml Biodegradable Eco Tube
  • FREE OF NO-NO's: Pure * Natural * Organic * Scented w/ Pure EOs * Paraben Free * Fragrance Free * Aluminum Free * Plastic Free * Vegan * Raw * Paleo * Cruelty Free * Synthetic Free
  • HANDCRAFTED and LOCAL: Made in the USA and as many LOCALLY sourced ingredients as possible.
  • FIRST on Market: Est. 2010, ELEVATED was 1st to offer an All Natural, Herbal, Plastic Free, EFFECTIVE Deodorant
  • HERBAL and PLASTIC FREE: Our Herbal Blend makes ELEVATED Natural Deodorant ultra powerful. Our Plastic Free Container is Leech FREE and has a metal cap, making it the Healthiest and Safest for Your Body and our Shared Planet.
  • VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE: Leaping Bunny Certified * Cruelty Free and VEGAN (Ingredients and finished products NOT tested on animals)

GUARANTEE:  If our deodorant doesn't work for you, CONTACT US immediately!  There are many variables to deodorant, and it is our goal to help you reach SUCCESS! 

WHAT MAKES ELEVATED PITS the Best Natural Deodorant:

TESTED and EFFECTIVE since 2010 on Everyone: Athletes participating in Iron Man, Hot Yoga Instructors, Cross fit Athletes, Children, New Moms, Dads, Grandparents, hypoallergenic; everyone! Est. in 2010, we are experts when it comes to natural deodorant!

SAFEST and Most SUSTAINABLE: Plastic FREE means the SAFEST and most SUSTAINBLE to your body and our shared Planet. You NEVER have to worry about this harming your health due to leaching! Plus it’s the most eco-friendly to our planet. BPA FREE is NO SAFER or better for our bodies or Planet! A MUST HAVE for anyone who doesn't want harmful ingredients OR chemicals from containers in their bodies and those who want the best for our Planet.

HERBAL Blend: ELEVATED PITS is formulated w/ an herbal blend full of deodorizing properties, making it a powerful natural deodorant. It also allows us to offer 2 versions: Full strength and Super Sensitive, so even the most sensitive can stay Natural.

High Vibes Healing: We infuse every single batch not only w/ our proprietary herbal blend, but with High Vibes and Intentions. Don't underestimate the power of High Vibes Healing!

Use On those funky, stinky, sweaty, irritated, razor-burned Pits and Feet of yours!

Apply 1-2 times daily. Use sparingly (a little goes a long day). Repeat if necessary.

If irritation occurs stop use and try our super sensitive formula.  DON'T JUST THROW it out if it doesn't work for you, use on less sensitive areas of the body, like feet (:   

***Try our PITS DETOX if you find our deodorant not to work, or cause irritation.  And CONTACT US!

**Switching to a natural deodorant, or just our deodorant can take some time to take effect and has MANY variables.  Please do NOT hesitate to CONTACT US if you have any questions whatsoever & See FAQs below

 *Your body can get used to our essential oil blends. Switch it up every once in awhile with a new scent and you should have no problem. Keeps things nice and balanced (;

Ingredients: Organic raw shea butter, candelilla wax, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic rosemary, calendula, raw, virgin macadamia nut oil**, organic virgin coconut oil**, ancient black seed oil, aluminum FREE baking soda, comfrey, lemon balm, rosemary, calendula, chamomile & high vibes healing!

Directions: Use On Use On those funky, stinky, sweaty, irritated, razor-burned Pits & Feet of yours! Apply 1-2 times daily. Use sply (a little goes a long day). Repeat if necessary. If irritation occurs stop use and try our super sensitive formula.

Natural Deodorants have MANY variables to them.  Here are the most commonly asked questions and answers:


Q: What if I am new to Natural Deodorant?

A:  If you are new to natural deodorant, please allow time for your bodyto adjust.  While there are many variables & everyone is different, average adjustment time is 1-3weeks.  Diet plays a HUGE roll in this, as BO is partially caused from toxins releasing in your sweat

Q:  Will it stop me from sweating?

A: Although this is NOT an antiperspirant (you NEED & WANT to sweat, this is VITAL to your Body's health in releasing toxins from your body), our formula does help you keep dry.  Also, it will keep any bacteria growth away, which is what odors feed off of, so will therefore reduce body odors.

Q: It isn’t working to control my odor, why?

A:  Your body is “detoxing.”  Your body needs time to adjust to natural deodorants.  If you are switching from a. Non-natural deodorant, it may take (on average) 2-8 weeks for Elevated PITS! To be fully effective.

A: *Your body can get used to our essential oil blends.  Your body is intelligent and learns how to allow the odor to "overpower the scent" you've been using.  Switch it up every once in awhile with a new scent & you should have no problem.  Keeps things nice & balanced (;

Q: I’m getting a rash from it, why?

A:  Your body is detoxing and the toxins are creating a rash.  Many times when switching from a toxic deodorant to a natural one, your body will be releasing those toxins and mixed with sweat, it may cause irritation. 

The average time for this type of rash is 2-4 weeks.  If you do NOT wish to have a rash for that long, or if it does not clear up by then, it may be due to another variable.  If this happens to you, try our super sensitive formula, go without deodorant, or a use our detox spray.

A:  Your body is adjusting to new pH levels.  Sometiems this can even occur after having used the dorodroant for some time.  A simple remedy is to use our detox spray this way:  1)  Spray underarms.  2) Let dry.  3) Then apply deodorant.  Repeat for a week.  If this does not work, take 1 week off from the deodorant and use only our detox spray (which will help with odor too).  Begin using the deodorant again after a week has passed.

Q: What if I am new to Natural Deodorant?

A: If you are new to natural deodorant, please allow time for your body to adjust. Although there are many variables & everyone is different, average adjustment time is 1-3weeks. Diet plays a HUGE roll in this.

About our Ingredients:

Organic RAW, Fair Trade Shea Butter: Moisturizing, Soothing, anti-bacterial & Anti-microbial.

Organic Herbal Blend: Deodorizing, anti-bacterial, healing & soothing to the skin.

Candelilla Wax: Vegan Wax absorbs moisture. Our Candelilla Wax is made SUSTAINABLY, and NOT from sulfuric acid)

Aluminum FREE Baking Soda: Natural deodorant.  Please know that there is no such thing as aluminum in baking soda anymore.   Although some deodorants may have added aluminum, baking soda is not allowed to contain aluminum (per the FDA).  Learn more on that by CLICKING  HERE

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I'm going to interrupt your Sunday to thank @balmbaby for a moment. They gave me a bag full of their products a while back, and I've been a big fan of what I've used so far. However, NOTHING could prepare me for these two little jars of magic. Have you ever smelled someone's armpits and said "damn those smell amazing"---I doubt it. Well get ready. This stuff has a mix of rosemary and lemon and chamomile and calendula and smells like a dream. It's not overpowering at all --- and it actually WORKS. I have thrown my old deodorant in the garbage. And the Shave cream is made of raw Shea butter, macadamia nut oil, and other magical ingredients. I normally have to use aftershave when I'm done because of razor burn but not now. My skin is so soft. And when you're shaving the razor rinses easily, unlike many soaps that can be a PITA to clean off a razor. BALM Baby, you've converted me. Thank you THANK YOU.

A post shared by Jamie Grayson (@thebabyguynyc) on Mar 27, 2016 at 2:38pm PDT

Disclaimer: DISCLAIMER: ***Some ingredients may irritate skin, especially if allergic. May irritate if just shaved, but more often, it is reported as soothing instead. If this occurs, stop using on armpits & use on Feet as a deodorizer. Try our Super Sensitive formula

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