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Signs of a Teething Baby


Why is it so dang tricky to know when your baby is Teething?

I remember (and wish I didn't!) when I was a new mom, and my baby was constantly fussy.  We couldn't figure out what was going on.  Never did it cross our minds that he was TEETHING!  He was so young, after all!  Well, we were wrong, as babies teeth as young as a month old!

The BIGGEST REASON that Parents don't know their baby is Teething is because teething causes pain, inflammation, retention, and other issues BEFORE (sometimes months) teeth show.

Top Signs of Teething

A LOT of Drooling

Chewing on anything & everything

Red cheeks

Slight Fever

Extra Fussy

Pulling on Ears

**Keep in mind that these signs could also be signs of other issues;

ALWAYS consult your health care provider!  We are NOT doctors!

Although we have an herbalist/alchemist/aromatherapist/essential oil coach on our expert team, we are humans (Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Aunties, etc).  Our advice comes from a decade of working in the natural health & baby industry, from many different personal accounts, and some accounts from professionals, such as, naturopaths, dentists, and pediatricians.

Most Common Age to start Teething 

6 months (According to most statistics)

3- 4 months (According to most Moms)

1- 3 months (According to what we have seen over a decade)

Again, because babies start teething BEFORE teeth show, 1-3 months is what we have found to be the most common.

Because we are not doctors, and because herbs are not seen as "medicine," we cannot advise to use our teething products on babies under 6 months. That said, thousands of families have used our teething products on babies as young as 3 weeks, including the formulators of our products.

Our teething products are formulated by experts, using the same herbs that have been literally used for centuries, to relieve pain and inflammation, and calm nerves associated to teething and other issues.

Remember, each and every family is different, ALWAYS consult your health care provider!

Natural Teething Remedies

Amber Necklaces


(We love wood; silicone next; avoid plastics)

Other Teething Necklaces

Cold Washcloths

Homeopaths for Teething

Herbal Remedies (like ours, see below)

Mama Natural has a great blog on Natural Teething Remedies, including herbal remedies like ours! 

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