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Exciting NEWS on our Teething RUB Topical!


You asked, and you are receiving SUPER SOON!

  1. Our Teething Rub Topical will be easier to get out of the bottle, and will come in

  DOUBLE the size!

**As a LIMITED TIME BONUS; You’ll get TWICE the amount for the SAME price! Get yours ON

SALE, COMING SOON!  Another BONUS? Why YES! Our Teething Rub is now ZERO-

WASTE, Plastic-Free!

2. Our Teething Rub Topical will soon be available as a ROLL-ON, like our Roll-On Tonics

Whether you don't want to apply teething oil directly to gums or mouths, or you just want the ease

of a ROLL-ON, or you want to double the action; Our Roll-on is for your teething baby! Get yours 


COMING to you by the end of January 2019!

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