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Eczema: Living and Caring for it + How to promote and sustain healthy skin


Eczema is not just about the skin.

I personally can attest to this for me and my little one! I spent years trying

countless things to help rid of eczema with no luck!  Although some things 

helped and brought relief, nothing I tried would rid of it.  It was a constant battle!

What I found was surprising! Although conditions OUTSIDE our bodies (our outside environment)

play a role, we often forget 

(or don't even know due to lack of information) that our INSIDE ENVIRONMENTS play an 


Outside Environments

Our Ezcema calmer is a MUST for our Outside Environments. 

Other musts include: Using ONLY 100% Natural products (i.e. Laundry 

detergent, cloth diapers, soap), wearing natural fibers, etc. 

Inside Environments

As for INSIDE environments, NUTRITION is the most 

important.  Common culprits are:  gluten (and sometimes 

ALL grains), dairy & sugar.  

Every BODY is different, so be sure to visit a nutritionist if you 

or someone you know suffers from eczema.

Every time we have visited a nutritionist, listened to what they 

tell us to do, while detoxing our outside environments, 


Here are some videos on how to promote & sustain healthy skin::

For products that help with eczema relief, CLICK HERE

Here's more if you'd like to read further on the importance of nutrition to 

our skin:

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