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Quality. Integrity. Sustainability.

That’s what we’re about.  Hi, we're Dominic & Malena Taylor, and here is our story:

We started with a single liquid soap. With our first pregnancy, we became more concerned with the products that we were using & began to educate ourselves heavily on ingredients as well as packaging.

We enjoyed making liquid soap as a hobby but as our first baby got closer to coming into this world, there was little time left for hobbies. Unfortunately the choices at the local grocery store were not adequate. Dr. Bronners seemed to be the only option that had no fragrance, no detergents, and no unfamiliar ingredients. Being of entrepreneurial spirit we decided to be the ones that would bring more choice to the real soap market & take it to the next level; Store it in glass; which is leach free & infinitely recylable.

Being quality minded and dedicated to our principles we decided it would simply have to be the best product available and the business would have to be of impeccable integrity.

Since that first liquid soap the company and the family has grown leaps and bounds.
We now boast a baby & Mama specific product line called
“BALM! Baby” & an entire Body Care & wellness called "ELEVATED"

We support businesses that offer quality products. We support businesses that have the integrity to stand behind their products and treat their customers with appreciation and respect. Most importantly we support businesses that appreciate the natural resources, skill, hard work, and trust that comes from Mother Nature, their employees and most of all their customers.

 We are the TAYLOR'S and we want nothing less than to raise the bar for all businesses. When you purchase our products you tell the world that a business can succeed without cutting corners, without passing costs on to our world in the form on waste and environmental negligence and without relying on clever marketing to sell inferior products.

 Please ask us anything you would like to know about us. Someone may have already asked on our FAQ’s page. We will give you an honest answer. And please don’t be afraid to ask any business you deal with tough questions. You have a right to know where your time & money is going.

ALOHA, Malama' Aina


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