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Our ANNUAL #SwitchtoSustainable Challenge & Giveaway starts July 1st!


Our ANNUAL #SwitchtoSustainable Challenge & Giveaway starts July 1st!

SIGN UP to Sponsor or RSVP to our event and start participating on July 1st!

It's almost time! Our #SwitchtoSustainable Challenge & Giveaway starts soon.

Interested sponsors:  Now is the time to contact us to sign up! Please email us at 

(balmbaby@gmail.com) for sponsorship details.

Participants: Our Rafflecopter and Challenge Info will be posted on July 1st and will officially 

open for entries. We expect this to be our biggest year yet and we can't wait to share all 

our  amazing prizes and sponsors with you.

To be informed the moment our giveaway goes live please make sure to RSVP for our 

Facebook  EVENT here or click on the image below.

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​☆ Hack for our ELEVATED Skin Repair ☆

☆ Hack for our ELEVATED Skin Repair  ☆ELEVATED Skin Repair works wonders on bug bites! Simply apply and gain instant-relief!Plus, it will be working it's natural magic as it takes away swelling & inflammation, itchiness and disinfects it with it's anti-bacterial properties!It is all-natural, USA-made, vegan, cruelty-free, plastic-free, zero-waste, organic and full of the Earth's healing [...]

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​☆ Hack for our ELEVATED Rear Clear ☆

☆ Hack for our ELEVATED Rear Clear ☆ Beyond being your #1 for #2s, Rear Clear has a ton of hacks!Here is one of our Favorites: After Sun Care Mister --> ORDER YOURS NOW

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​☆ Hack for our ELEVATED Muffin Mist ☆

☆ Hack for our ELEVATED Muffin Mist ☆ Muffin Mist as a Body Mist / Freshener ORDER YOURS NOW ☆ Whether you live in a HOT Humid Climate, or a HOT dry one (or anything in between), our muffin mist freshens up!  ☆It’s great after soakin’ up the Vitamin D at the beach, after a hike,  exercise, a long day [...]

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One of our Favorite Hacks for our Diaper Balm / First Aid!

☆Hack for our Diaper Balm / First Aid☆Sunburns: Apply to burn & not only will it quickly heal skin, it will turn it into a gorgeous tan instead of peeling!☆ It has just about a million other uses; here are some of our faves☆Cracked feet, dry lips, razor burn, eczema, bug bites, newborn's peeling skin, itchy [...]

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Eczema: Living and Caring for it + How to promote and sustain healthy skin

Eczema is not just about the skin.I personally can attest to this for me and my little one! I spent years tryingcountless things to help rid of eczema with no luck!  Although some things helped and brought relief, nothing I tried would rid of it.  It was a constant battle!What I found was surprising! Although conditions OUTSIDE our bodies [...]

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Earth Month Challenge + Giveaway – #LoveYourMother #DoYourPart

It’s Earth Month!Our main mission here at BALM! Baby is to provide not only natural ingredients, but stored in Body & Earth Safe, Sustainable containers; so Earth Month is kind of a big deal to us! Celebrate with us & a whole bunch of other Earth Friendly Brands for an Earth Month Challenge + Giveaway! [...]

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